BAKYAPI GROUP, having celebrated its 20th Anniversary in the construction, food and service industries in 2011, has succeeded, as like in its all other investments and enterprises, in constructing buildings respecting human life and values under the principle “IDYLLIC LIVING SPACES”.BAKYAPI takes into respect high quality standards from project design to landscape, and qualified workmanship applications to ensure continues efficiency also in after sales.

Within the years we have specialized in domicile projects of the construction industry of Bursa and have accomplished a guaranteed earning to investors in marketing domiciles in various areas of Bursa fairly, without disappointment, conflicts and with a professional team having the enthusiasm of amateurs and have adopted entrepreneurship and change under the principle of corporate management principles.

Progressing its path in the domicile construction industry of Bursa with a remarkable development experience BAKYAPI GROUP will remain the growing locomotive of Bursa.

Bakyapı Konya Prestij Park Projesi